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Lone Star Equipment

The Richland County Fair is happy to have another Gold Level Sponsor. Since they are a brand new sponsor and they missed out on other advertisements, we would like … [Read More]

Fairgrounds News


Truck & Tractor Pulls and Grass Drags

Mark your calendar for Thursday & Friday Night at the Richland County Fair! Each night will feature Truck and Tractor Pulls featuring PI Motorsports and the … [Read More]

Recent News


“Cherry Dairy Delight”

The ice cream will be for sale at the meat animal sale on Saturday evening. It’s official; we have a winner! This year’s featured Dane County Farm Technology Days ice cream flavor is going to be called “Cherry Dairy Delight” . Congratulations to Warren Keys … [Read More]


2015 Richland County Fair Book

The 2015 Richland County Fair Book available to download below… 2015 Richland County Fair Book Also Available at these locations: UW Extension Office The Shopping News Richland County Bank The People's Community Bank Associated … [Read More]


2015 Poultry Ban Information

June 10, 2015 To whom it may concern: Enclosed please find the following Summary Special Orders: Banning the movement of poultry to, or participation in, any swap meets or open shows in Wisconsin that are not held as part of a county, district, or state … [Read More]

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