Soar To New Heights With The New Spectacular Ride “Air Maxx”

Mr. Ed’s Magical Midways, LLC Soaring To New Heights In 2016 With New Spectacular Ride “Air Maxx”


A new spectacular ride will have thrill seekers screaming for the 2016 season at Mr. Ed’s Magical Midways, LLC. “Air Maxx” will provide 360 degrees of thrills as it makes its debut this summer throughout Wisconsin’s finest fairs and festivals.
Manufactured by KMG Europe BV, Netherlands, “Air Maxx” will spin its passengers and soar them to incredible heights above the midway. Standing at approximately eighty feet in the air, the “Air Maxx” definitely lives up to its name.
Called the “Inversion” by the manufacturer, Mr. Ed’s Magical Midways, LLC coined the name “Air Maxx” for its newest thriller, which has colorful graphics along with stunning LED lighting.

inversion3Riders are seated in twos, a total of twelve passengers maximum, with over-the-shoulder locking restraints securing them in place.
The loading platform floor, that passengers use to seat themselves in, retracts from underneath them, and the pendulum in which the seats are suspended, starts to gently swing back and forth between its supporting towers. In tandem, the seats begin to rotate as the ride reaches greater heights with every swing back and forth until it finally reaches its highest peak and makes a full 360 degrees completely over the top. The swinging action continues until finally the seats begin doing their own flipping towards the end of the ride generating more screams from thrilled patrons.

frog hopper“Air Maxx” is designed to accommodate those at least 14 years of age and a minimum of fifty-four inches tall, but less than seventy-seven inches tall.
Mr. Ed’s Magical Midways has not forgotten about the little thrill seekers at its events! Also new for 2016, is an S&S Worldwide Frog Hopper. Seating up to seven patrons per ride cycle, the Frog Hopper takes it passengers nearly twenty feet in the air and features a series of drops. Little thrill seekers must be a minimum of thirty-six inches to ride.
So this summer, get ready! It’s sure to be a hopping good time for the little ones! As for the thrill seekers, get ready to experience 360 degrees of extreme thrills as you take a ride on the wild side with Mr. Ed’s Magical Midways and the “Air Maxx”!

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